full body massage doha

Full boby massage is a young girl's delicate soft fingers in your body using a variety of flowers and essential oils in order to touch and push and slip and bounce the way for your whole body to do a thorough massage relaxation! Aromatherapy and wonderful music To accompany you to soak bathing in heaven

full body masage in doha

that the therapist will massage your whole body during a therapeutic massage lasting at least 50 minutes

Start with the neck and head first. Slowly apply pressure on the muscles behind the neck.

If you find muscle tension and stress in this area, try massage to make it feel comfortable and relaxed.

Between the neck on both sides of the head to increase the intensity of massage.

Now use your thumb to put pressure on your shoulder.

In this area may find more rigid area. These muscle blocks often indicate tension and stress. So try to exert enough pressure with your thumb to dissolve these nodules.

Below is to relax your arm and use enough pressure to twist your arm.
Repeat the above steps.

Next is the massage back. Apply pressure on both sides of the spine to relieve soreness.

Hand pressure hand, and then back and forth movement in the back area. This can provide warmth and relaxation.

Focus on the lower back, near the buttocks, because the area is more prone to stress and fatigue.
Here is the massage leg. In the same way as above, finally hold the ankle, lift and release to help relieve stress.