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Full Body Massage Doha With Oil

A good full massage with oil is a pleasant way to detoxify. It releases the toxins in the subcutaneous fat and helps to relax the tight muscles and relieve stress. Massage each other between husband and wife can give you a new experience detoxification process. First, do a 30-minute massage for your partner, and then enjoy the thrill of relaxation while the partner is rewarded with you.
The following steps are the secret of success.
1. need to be warm room, soft light filled the meantime, gentle, relaxed background music endless.
2. Need to find a solid point for massage: the floor is very suitable, but first to spread a few towels above.
3 must be equipped with massage oil or emulsion bottle on the hot water heating. You can also apply oil to your hands to warm it before use.
4. Need to cooperate with your partner lying face down, and then covered with a large towel (his) body. Bring the part of the body you want to massage to and cover it when you massage another area.
5. Start with a smooth, single stroke along the contour of the body, which will raise the skin temperature. Then change the intensity and duration of massage, to keep the movement consistent and rhythmic, but also to ensure that at any time have a hand and body contact. Touching the soft parts to increase intensity. If you find muscle induration or nervous, then use a gentle effort to knead that area. After completing the back massage, turn your partner over and continue to massage the front of your body.
6. When massaging each arm and each leg, cover the rest of the body with a warm towel. Generally speaking, the movement of the massage points to the heart. When the massage is over, lift your feet for a few seconds, which will completely relax your body.

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